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Are You Facing Temporary Financial Difficulties during this Coronavirus Crisis?

We are here to support you, our valued customer, through any temporary financial difficulties you may be experiencing, arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If you are currently struggling to make your payments on time, or reasonably expect to struggle in the future, then please contact us and request a payment holiday. Depending on your personal circumstances, we can offer a three month payment holiday to support you if you are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. If you have already had a payment holiday of three months you may be able to request a further three months. If you have already had six months’ payment breaks you may not be able to apply for any further payment break, and should contact our Customer Accounts team to discuss how else we may be able to assist you.

If you are able to continue to make your payments as normal, then we encourage you to do so.

To request a payment holiday, we would like to see certain documents. It may take longer than normal for our team to answer you if you call our customer accounts telephone number during this current period, therefore we advise you to submit the documents by email first so we can support you in the quickest time. To see what we need, please click here.

If you were in arrears or struggling to maintain your account before the virus outbreak, or are experiencing payment difficulties which is not COVID-19 related, please do not be afraid to contact us now, we are here to help all of our customers in these unprecedented times.

If you feel you could benefit from free, impartial debt advice you can access help from The Money Advice Service, a not for profit debt advice body here.

Thank you,
Customer Accounts

What do we do?

Our purpose is to offer innovative solutions to those who have had difficulty attaining finance due to past credit issues or find themselves in what is normally deemed to be unfavourable circumstances, such as the self-employed with a relatively short trading history, or those in receipt of benefits.

We believe that everybody deserves another chance, but they also deserve to be treated equally and in a manner that respects their needs and does not pass judgement on their past life experiences. The provision of life’s essentials, such as personal transportation or a helping hand if they require a loan, should not be based on a computer generated credit score which is why we like to spend the time and care to assess every customer on an individual basis and provide assistance in a very high number of cases.

Vehicle Finance

Every customers application is assessed by an individual, we do not rely on computer generated credit scores. We're specialists in this area, and firmly believe that no credit history, or previous CCJs, defaults and arrears should stop you from obtaining finance, as long as you are not currently experiencing financial difficulty, and can afford the repayments.

Check out our Jargon Buster which helps explain everything in everyday English!

Car Sales

Due to our extensive experience of handling vehicle purchases via other motor dealers, and drawing on the expert knowledge base within our company, we are able to supply quality used vehicles.

All of the vehicles we sell come with the benefit of an MOT, comprehensive inspection and warranty. We have affiliated ourselves with one of the largest vehicle auction companies in the UK which provides us with access to literally thousands of vehicles at any one time. With such extensive stock levels it is easy to place our customers with exactly what they are looking for which negates the need to go elsewhere, when you can obtain your car and your finance package in one phone call.

Check out our Jargon Buster which helps explain everything in everyday English!

This site is for information purposes, and is not intended to be a sales website. If you are a customer that wishes to apply for any of our products, please visit our customer facing website The Car Loan Centre using the button below.

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